Jan 04 2013

Ominous Space : Ambient Track

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An Ambient Track for Peaceful Exploration.

Nov 20 2012

Votum Sprites Redux

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The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

Now with 100% less ugly!

Oct 16 2012

Large Hadron Cannon

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A bit blurry, but I’ll just leave this here.

Oct 15 2012

Lasers Pew Pew Pew

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Just a video showing off the lasers in action.

Oct 13 2012

Multiplayer Confirmation

Category: DesignShadeWyrm @ 2:23 am

So I’m here to just confirm to anyone out there that Multiplayer WILL be a part of Red Sun. You’ll have two choices:

1) Co-Op

Co-Op will be the same as Single Player but you can bring up to 3* friends. As this drastically decreases the difficulty of the game, enemy health will be increased by the number of players*. Damage will remain the same to prevent 1-HitKO situations from occurring - but in return you’ll a larger group of enemies. Private and Public games will be available and will function much like Diablo 2′s Battle.Net – but decentralized – there will be no major server authority – so you can LAN** it up all you like.

2) PvP

So this here will be interesting. You’ll have various scenarios – with the first available being Deathmatch. You’ll have a certain number of “points” determined by the game mode and the ability to select from any weapons or items you’ve unlocked in single player/co-op* up to the point threshold mixing and matching as you see fit. Map types will vary with obstacles, and other unique things. PvP will NOT be Decentralized like Co-Op – but will execute all actions on all parties involved – and if a player is deemed too far out of sync (the cheating jerk! or the dialup jerk!) they match will simply be deemed invalidated. It may not be available at launch, but I am hoping to provide a robust matchmaking so players are given matches based on their ranking and skill – as opposed to random.* However – a for sure is private and public lobbies for custom matches before anything else.

* Subject to change.

** You’ll need some form of internet connection to do multiplayer – as all packets are routed. If I find a way around this while maintaining cross platform capability I’ll implement it – but networking is a headache. You will not need an internet connection for single player.

How’s it work?

I’ll be utilizing a decentralized global service to ensure folks can host matches and join with no finicking on their end. Simply click the join/host button and it works!

Oct 13 2012

Tesla and Edison!

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Not as good as the Tesla Cannon

So what’s this? It’s an Edison Cannon! The -far- weaker of the two main electrical weapons you’ll have access to. It fires of a bolt of electricity and blinding speeds and passes through any targets it hits damaging them. The larger the object the more times it’s hit, so it’s an absolutely epic boss killing tool.

I did some tweaking on the nebula gas – and now you’ll get some in the foreground from time to time that nicely tints your ship! I still think I need to figure out a nice way to do dynamic lighting to apply a bit more oomf to the visuals – but at least the background is pretty.

Sep 16 2012

3D Sound

Category: AudioShadeWyrm @ 2:02 am

Is a pain in the but. But once it’s working, boy is it great.

You’ll now be able to tell the location of enemies from sound! It works perfectly on the X and Y coordinate plane, and so 5.1 Surround will be really yummy, while 2 speakers will still be pretty neat!

Sep 15 2012

Screenshot Saturday

Category: ImagesShadeWyrm @ 2:39 pm

Here we are! Red Sun now has a simple main menu, and a simple options menu that’s hooked into the rendering pipeline and audio. Of course, music volume does nothing because none of the music is hooked in yet – but it will! :P The internal buffer – I need a better name for – but it’s not the “actual” resolution – as the game will output to whatever size your monitor resolution is at – this just happens to be what it draws the game at – and how it handles mouse coordinates. So you can pick a resolution bigger then your screen – and the game will apply a pass to shrink it down – not really optimal – but the results are pretty – I’m happy enough with 720P being stretched to my 1680*1050 display.


So here we are some screenshots for /r/gamedev! All in glorious 720P.

Aug 21 2012

Alien Artifact

Category: ImagesShadeWyrm @ 1:36 am

An Alien Artifact is discovered! Powerful technology awaits those who discover them!

Aug 17 2012

Carrier Battle

Category: NewsShadeWyrm @ 3:07 pm

The Sarcina Carrier! One of the possible bosses for the first two levels.

Also some UI changes to support items, bombs and primary weaponry!

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